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Conquêtes ("Conquests") is a game of world domination and empire building. As generals leading powerful armies, you try to conquer the largest territory — but you must be prepared to fight because your opponents have the same goal.

Each player starts with five cards in hand, and on a turn you take one of three actions:

  • Draw two cards.
  • Place a region card from your hand into play face up as long as no one else has already claimed this region.
  • Attack a region owned by an opponent. Each of you can choose cards from your hand as reinforcements, revealing them at the same time and adding their value to the die on your attacking or defending card. If the attacker has a higher value, they take the card and add it to their holdings; otherwise the defender keeps it.

At game's end, score 1 point for each card that makes up your largest territory and 1 point for each card in your hand that duplicates a card in this territory.

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The world is your oyster – but that's not enough. Because in Erobern! there is only one goal: to conquer as much territory on the globe as possible. You'll have to think strategically, collect the right cards and think carefully about when you dare to attack your fellow players' territories in order to claim them for your own.   

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Category: Wargame
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? Doba hraní (minut):: 30+
? Minimální věk: 8+
? Min. počet hráčů: 1
? Max. počet hráčů: 4
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jazyk: anglicky

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